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Business Continuity

Safeguarding your data, Protecting your reputation

of companies that lose their data will cease trading within six months (Boston University 2014)

Data growths impact on business continuity

As organisations adopt a more digitised workplace where paper documents are starting to become a thing of the past, the reliance on electronic data becomes more important.

Data is at the heart of any organisation and backing up this data is now a key part of a business strategy.

As the amount of data grows within an organisation so does the hardware and software costs to store and protect it.

Furthermore, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires businesses to adopt new governance rules concerning the security and management of personal data for both customers and employees. As the amount of unstructured data grows, so does the complexity of complying with this requirement and the risks to your business.

GDPR is going to affect UK businesses offering any type of service to the EU market, regardless of whether your business stores or processes data on EU soil, and whether the UK stays in the EU or not.

Disaster Recovery

Many potential threats exist today from system component failures to natural disasters and from innocent human errors to the intentional destruction of data by people who were once trusted employees.

When a disaster happens, getting your systems back up and running as quickly as possible is crucial to saving you money, keeping your customers happy and protecting your reputation.

How long could your organisation function for if your staff were unable to work?

Loss of data is also a breach of the Data Protection Act.

UK firms will be forced to pay an average of £1.9 million a year, or £71 per record, for every instance of data loss they experience (Ponemon Institute)


of business do not back up their data (London Chamber of Commerce)


of businesses that suffer data loss for more than 10 days file for bankruptcy within one year, 50 percent immediately (London Chamber of Commerce)


of small businesses have a business continuity plan in place of which 73% admitted to not having tested it in the last 12 months (Databarracks 2015)


of business that do have a business continuity plan do not test it manually (London chambers of commerce )


Moving to a Cloud Backup and DR Solution

Cloud-based disaster recovery allows organisations to protect environments without the expense and management of secondary facilities. Whether adding to existing disaster recovery plans, or creating a new one, cloud disaster recovery provides a testable service, with minimal cost and resources.

By leveraging the Cloud you can take advantage of incremental, pay as you use facilities with zero up front costs. Rather than paying all day every day, you only pay in the unlikely event you actually need to use it thus reducing the cost of protecting of vital company data.

With our Microsoft cloud backup solutions, data can be kept for as long as necessary to satisfy data retention policies. Because it is stored in the cloud the same data can be readily available from anywhere around the world ensuring you always have access to the data regardless of your location.

Protect what you value most

Gain enterprise-grade protection and business continuity without the need for an enterprise priced solution

Secure and Always Available

Data is encrypted before its leaves your premises and 3 three copies are made in a remote location and 3 further copies in your local cloud datacenter

Cost effective

Reduces the need for local storage and offsite media management, while offering simple storage-based pricing with no per-server or data transfer fees.

Worry Less

Mitigate risk with continous backup of your company data in globally distributed dataceters with 99.9% uptime.

Your Trusted Partner

With our wealth of experience you can be reassured that we have the protection of your Business interests and customers data as our number one priority.


By using us you can take take advantage of incremental, pay as you use billing with zero up front costs.


We provide advisory and implementation services to ensure that we have everything covered so you do not have to worry about disaster striking and can focus on running your business.


Whether it is a full cloud solution or a hybrid solution we can advise on what we feel will work best for your organization in a consultative manner.


Comprehensive management and support

We handle all aspects of users, subscriptions, implementation and configuration of services and devcies

Single point of contact

Save time with one partner that knows and understands your business

Consultancy Services

Get expert advice to implement right first time by qualified consultants

Subscription based

Flexible, pay-as-you go monthly billing lowering up front costs

Trusted Partner

Let us take care of everything for you with our professional and proven approach

Support Manged Services

Dedicated helpdesk for any support issues or escalations

Speak to one of our specialists today, to see how we can provide you with a cost effective subscription model