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Remaining connected

LAN Networks

LAN networks are an essential component of any modern IT based business. As IT systems become more and more complex, the importance of connectivity between various computers of an organization has increased manifold. Local Area Network or LAN as they are popularly known has acquired a wholly new meaning and importance in this changing landscape.


Having a well-designed LAN network has become a necessity for most of the businesses. We can help you in identifying your organizations need and then setting up a suitable cable or Wi-Fi based local access network. We have years of experience in providing network solutions to businesses of all sizes and offer custom made network solutions satisfying your organization’s networking needs.

Business WiFi Solutions

With the increased number of devices per worker, LAN networks have become somewhat outdated. This has resulted in an increase in demand for business Wi-Fi solutions as more and more companies are realizing that the old cable based LAN approach to connectivity within an organization has become outdated.


More and more LANs are being set up completely wirelessly as this allows a business to offer local network connectivity to multiple devices used by their workers such as workstations, smartphones, tablets etc. and also allow a business to provide Internet Access to guests or other visitors in a seamless way. Wi-Fi based LANs are easier to expand, provide better mobility and increase the responsiveness of a business to customer’s queries by making information more easily available.



A Wider Area Network or WAN, is considered by many to be a wider version of LAN and this is true to a certain extent as WANs can span across various buildings, places or geographic distances. Most modern IT based organizations with more than 1 location / office have some sort of wider area network in place. Although with the rise of cloud computing and high speed internet things have become more complex.


As compared to LAN, WAN are known for having a wider geographic reach and higher transfer speeds.


We can help you in assessing network needs of your business and guide you through the whole process of establishing a wider area network and managing it.

Network Performance

The importance of measuring Network Performance for managing a LAN or WAN cannot be overestimated. A number of businesses have the wrong assumption that once a Network has been installed the job is finished and there is nothing more to do when it comes to Networking.


In order to maintain a healthy network, Network performance has to be measured on a constant basis to check the health of the network and identify any possible issue. A number of metrics such as throughput, bandwidth, latency and error rate can give a lot of information about the current state of a LAN or WAN network.


We can help you in measuring the network performance of your network and suggest changes in the network for increasing the performance and dealing with any issues.


Comprehensive management and support

We handle all aspects of users, subscriptions, implementation and configuration of services and devcies

Single point of contact

Save time with one partner that knows and understands your business

Scalable IT

Get flexible IT support, as little or as much as you need, as your business grows

Subscription based

Flexible, pay-as-you go monthly billing lowering up front costs

Per user licensing

Pay only for users you need and eliminate the need for device counting

Cloud based provisioning

No on premises infrastructure required, which helps streamline IT management and reduce costs

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