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Data Storage

Taming the beast

Why The Digital Revolution can work against you

In the past decade many small companies have moved from paper based files to electronic copies and are now heavily reliant on these digital files to function as a business.These files need to be stored somewhere and unstructured data due to organic business growth and lack of  housekeeping  means that the storage requirements grow exponentially over  time quickly.


Managing this data growth means that IT data management and storage, results in increasing costs, time and IT resources needed to manage hardware and file systems.


With the increase of cyber threats targeting smaller businesses which are less likely to have security measure in place , the necessity to secure this data is more important than ever before.


The consumerization of IT means that employees now expect having access to data, anytime from anywhere on any device to be more productive.

Data storage requirements are growing at 40% per year, but IT budgets are only growing 5-7% annually.(Enterprise Strategy Group, 2015)

Addressing the data storage problem

Traditionally the storage problem is managed by throwing more money for more disks or more servers.In the short term this can address the problem but many organisations do not always have the budget or the IT expertise to manage the software and hardware to make this happen. Traditional storage is now see as expensive and complex to manage and implement.


Your file server could be your  single point of failure with all your company data residing in one place. Ask yourself the question how quickly could you bring those systems up?

Ask yourself what the cost of losing your data is to your business?


Business advantages of moving to the cloud

Now is the the time time to seriously think about cloud storage.


Cloud storage is highly durable and scalable , you get the same enterprise reduncy and protection that a large organisation would have in place at the fraction of teh cost.


Sleep tight knowing that your data is replicated six times across different datacenters to ensure absolute resiliency. This geo redundancy assures customers that even if one datacenter is unavailable their data is safe and accessible from another datacenter and secure.


As your business data requirements grow, know that adding additional storage is a few clicks away with no need to source IT resource or purchase expensive disks or hardware.


Data is accessible from anywhere at anytime for your employees to allow them to work more dynamically.

Did you know that cloud storage is typically four times less expensive than traidtional hardware based storage.

Why cloudingen?

With our expertise and experience in delivering value to businesses like yourselves, cloudingen are your one stop solution provider for all IT matters.


With our relationships with industry leading vendors we can tailor a solution for your data protection and storage requirements whilst keeping an eye on your budget by managing the billing and managing the support of the solution .


Whether you are looking at a public cloud or private cloud or even a hybrid cloud solution we can advise on the best approach suited to your business needs.

We understand how important your data is to your business, but we alos undertstand that smaller organisations have smaller budgets and may lack technical expertise.


Comprehensive management and support

We handle all aspects of users, subscriptions, implementation and configuration of services and devcies

Single point of contact

Save time with one partner that knows and understands your business

Consultancy Services

Get expert advice to implement right first time by qualified consultants

Subscription based

Flexible, pay-as-you go monthly billing lowering up front costs

Trusted Partner

Let us take care of everything for you with our professional and proven approach

Support Manged Services

Dedicated helpdesk for any support issues or escalations

Speak to one of our specialists today, to see how you can save on storage costs and move to a pay as you consume data approach and reduce your costs and headache