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Secure Your Business

Two-thirds of big UK businesses have been hit by a cyber attack in the past year, according to government research.

Protecting your Business

One of the major fears business owners have is regarding Security, a security breach can happen in a blink of an eye and destroy a business overnight. Protecting your business from any form of security breach is vital, from hacked Administrative Accounts to Trojans lurking on the network.


Protecting your network from threats is an ongoing and time consuming exercise, there are various applications that can monitor and ensure strict security but, which is the right one? Security Policies for staff need to be implemented. There are several aspects that need to be covered to ensure your business is not compromised.


We have in house security experts who can combine knowledge, experience and utilization of leading software to ensure your business is protected.  Contact us today for a free security consultation.


Of businesses experienced a data breach in 2014.


Of breaches go undiscovered for weeks or months.


Of all breaches were due to weak admin passwords.


Of computers are vulnerable to exploit kits.

User Awareness

User awareness can play a big role in protecting your business from cyber-attacks. Most users are not aware of existing cyber security environments and a vast majority lacks skills to identify vulnerabilities in their businesses. A basic understanding of cyber security threats to your business is the first step to mitigate the risk of an attack.


We can help by conducting penetration testing such as phishing exercises and spotting security weaknesses in your system or network before a hacker discovers it. We follow industry best practices for conducting penetration testing and know exactly where to look for identifying vulnerabilities of a business to a security breach beforehand.


We also offer training to end users in order to make them Security aware as in most of the cases end users are unable to do anything even after noticing that a security breach has occurred due to a lack of training.


Nearly a third (30 per cent) of UK councils fell victim to ransomware attacks in 2015, according to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.


Cyber Security Attacks

Even those business owners who have basic knowledge of cyber security threats to their business, struggle when it comes to choosing a software for preventing a cyber-attack. Due to so much disinformation out there, businesses often overspend on software which are ill-suited for their needs.


Cyber-attacks have become an industry in themselves as there are coders writing exploit kits and selling them to hackers for a good amount of money. Indeed, almost 99% computers are vulnerable to exploit kits and other methods used commonly in cyber-attacks.


With our years of experience, we have an understanding of what is going to work for a business. Needs of a small business with few computers are different from those of a large organization with hundreds of computers.


We help users in finding the right software for preventing cyber security attacks after carefully studying their needs.

A survey of 250 small businesses found that just one in five (20 per cent) see cyber security as a top business priority, while one in ten (10 per cent) have never invested in improving the security of their website. This is despite the impact of a cyberattack costing UK small businesses on average between £75,000 and £311,000 in lost sales, business disruption, recovery of assets, fines and compensation.

Security Policy

We can help you in charting out a well-crafted Security Policy for your business. After identifying weaknesses in your business and assessing various security threats, we will be able to assist you on how to rectify these weaknesses by using a software or other suitable methods and will also help you in setting a companywide security policy which will be your disaster management plan in case a cyber-attack or data breach occurs.


A well-defined security policy will contain all the necessary steps for preventing a cyber-attack and steps on how to handle the aftermath in case a cyber-attack occurs even after all the precautions and safety measures. Many people make the mistake of over reacting to a breach by buying the most expensive software or hiring an expensive consultant.


If you have a security policy in place, then you will be in a much more stronger position to deal with a security threat even if your data has been breached as a well-defined security policy takes into account all the scenarios and has responses for most of the situations.


Small businesses are at risk from cybercrime by not putting adequate protection measures in place. That is according to new research from Barclaycard.

Comprehensive management and support

We handle all aspects of users, subscriptions, implementation and configuration of services and devcies

Single point of contact

Save time with one partner that knows and understands your business

Scalable IT

Get flexible IT support, as little or as much as you need, as your business grows

Subscription based

Flexible, pay-as-you go monthly billing lowering up front costs

Per user licensing

Pay only for users you need and eliminate the need for device counting

Cloud based provisioning

No on premises infrastructure required, which helps streamline IT management and reduce costs

Speak to one of our specialists today to see how we can secure your business ensuring that you are protected from financial losses and cyber-threats.