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Windows 10

Software as a Service

Are you on top of things?

In the new world of increased security threats and tighter legislation around data protection. Organisations want to do more to secure critical business data but do not know how to?


For businesses to remain competitive they need to keep pace with an ever increasingly connected world and allow staff to be able to work from anywhere, anytime.With limited or no technical expertise on site, technology needs to be simple to setup and easy to manage.


For those responsible for finance, IT spend must be manageable and any solution must have the ability to scale up or down with business demands without breaking the bank.

48 % of UK small businesses have been hit by at least one cyber-attack in the past year.Almost one in five admit that they were only prompted to review their cyber-security when they were hit by an attack. (Barclaycard 2016)

How does Windows 10 help my business?

Windows 10 allows your business to do great things from anywhere, it has the built-in flexibility necessary to scale as your business grows. It is the most secure Windows that Microsoft has ever built bringing enterprise grade security to all companies regardless of their size.


As a cloud ready operating system you can now manage all your devices even when they are outside of the office, reducing admin overhead and increasing productivity for your staff. With tighter integration with Microsoft cloud services , setting up new staff or reassigning equipment is seamless and less hands on reducing time and cost.


Windows 10 can now be purchased on a per user per month basis ensuring that you can account for your costs on monthly basis  and allow you to scale up or down as your business demands.

Employees, especially mobile workers, estimate they can take advantage of 25% of time previously unavailable for work, enabling them to get more done more quickly wherever they may be. (Forrester 2016)


Why Upgrade?

The cost and time spent in upgrading is far less than than previous versions allowing much less disruption to your business.


Windows 10 starts up 28% faster than Windows 7 and is designed to work with existing software and hardware vastly reducing the complexities of compatibility issues saving on costs and time to adopt.


Dramatic security advancements developed over the years and the ability to integrate with existing tools you have invested in means no additional costs to upgrade and ensure your company information is protected against growing cyber threats.


Windows 10 is ready to integrate with new cloud services such as Office 365 or Azure cloud services out of the box ensuring that it is future proof for future latest advancements in the cloud.

``Migration to Windows 10 will be the fastest yet… 50% of enterprises will have started Windows 10 deployments by January 2017.” (Gartner 2015)

What we can do for you?

Cloudingen can help you in migrating to Windows 10 by managing your whole transformation so you can focus on running your business.


With over 17 years experience in managing small and large desktop migration projects in private and public sector, we have the expertise and know how.


We can provide a pay as you go per user per month subscription service for Windows 10 usage saving you on upfront costs and paying for only employees that need it.


Comprehensive management and support

We handle all aspects of users, subscriptions, implementation and configuration of services and devcies

Single point of contact

Save time with one partner that knows and understands your business

Scalable IT

Get flexible IT support, as little or as much as you need, as your business grows

Subscription based

Flexible, pay-as-you go monthly billing lowering up front costs

Per user licensing

Pay only for users you need and eliminate the need for device counting

Cloud based provisioning

No on premises infrastructure required, which helps streamline IT management and reduce costs

Speak to one of our specialist today, we would love to work with you to develop a customised strategy taking the headache of managing your desktops and licenses away from you.