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IT Healthcheck

At CloudIngen we believe that the best way organisations are able to keep their IT Security in order is to utilize our Health Check Services. With our Health Check we are able to identify security items that require attention to ensure IT environments are kept safe from exploits and breeches.


Businesses typically have a huge amount of confidential data stored on their network and ensuring this data is kept safe kept away from malicious attacks. The impact of a security beech can completely destroy a business overnight or have a huge financial fine associated with it.

Passwords are still the weakest link for businesses



There are many reasons for an IT Health Check needing to be completed for a business. A major reason is compliance. There are specific guidelines a companies IT environment has to meet in order to achieve certain levels of compliance.


With our health check we are able to run an agent less scan on your network which will provide an in-depth report on various factors. We can be very specific with the scan, meaning that if you require a certain area to be investigated to adhere to compliance we are able target this.


Contact us to find out how we can reduce resource effort and automate the Health Check process ensuring you meet your compliance without the complications.

All companies that accept credit card information for any reason are expected to maintain PCI Compliance.

Software Lifecycle and Patching

Our IT Healthchecks are able to identify Software installed on your network that is either 1. End-Of-Life (EOL) or 2. Not patched.


If you have either of those 2 factors identified on your network you are at a major risk of a security attack. Ensuring your Software is running the latest version and/or it is patched up until the latest release is imperative.


This is very commonly overlooked in organisations due to the reliance on patching systems that are generally in place such as WSUS or SCCM. However it is mainly assumed that these systems will take care of patching and they can be left to it. Companies very rarely actually look into the success/failures of these systems.


As a business you cannot afford to risk having unpatched or end of life software sitting on your network, we at CloudIngen understand that at times there can be a resource issue and businesses may not have the resource to allocate to in-house staff. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your patch and software management requirements.

More than half (53 percent) of companies all over the world have at least one instance of Windows Server 2003.

Speak to one of our specialist today to see how we can improve your connectivity for your business.