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Office Moves

Seamless Office Moves

Planning and Preparation

Any Office Move requires a good amount of beforehand planning and preparation and this is especially the case for IT based businesses due to a large number of issues such as moving IT desks, moving internet and VoIP infrastructure from the old office to the new one.


We have years of experience when it comes to office IT relocation and have managed office moves involving from a few to 100+ IT desks in a seamless fashion. With advanced planning and preparation, we ensure that an office move doesn’t affect your business and your business suffers the least amount of downtime in the process.


We also choose the best time possible for an office move as relocating to a new office during business hours or weekdays can cost you in terms of clients and business.


Connectivity issues such as internet, office wireless networks and VoIP systems are at the forefront whenever a company decides to move from an old office to a new one.


We conduct a survey of your new office location to ensure that the place can support your IT infrastructure even before the main process of relocation starts. As many issues such as cabling, power supply, sockets etc. needs to be taken into account during the planning phase of an office move. We can also provide Internet Connectivity at your new office location if required.


Our ability to provide every aspect of IT services such as Internet connectivity, cabling, VoIP, and telephony separates us from other IT relocation companies as not many offer a complete suite of IT services when it comes to office moves.


Migration of Services

Migration of IT services is often the most complex part of an office move and due to this reason extreme care needs to be taken as even a small error can result in a number of problems at your new office. Migrating IT services and infrastructure from an older office to a newer one involves much more than just unplugging and re-plugging computer and routers.


As any modern business is dependent up to a large extent on IT services such as servers, data, storage and power back up systems so it becomes necessary to ensure a smooth migration of IT services to a new business location.


An ability to resume all business operations on the morning after the relocation separates successful office moves from the unsuccessful ones. Our office move experts ensure that your office relocation is a smooth one without any IT related issues.

From Start to Finish

We manage the process of an office move from planning and preparation to relocating your entire IT infrastructure such as computers, phone systems, UPS, switches, routers and servers to getting your whole IT infrastructure running at the new office location.


With our 1 stop, start to finish office move service you can be confident that your new office will be set up and running within the shortest time possible and without any significant downtime or other complications associated with relocating IT infrastructure.

Speak to one of our specialist today to see how we can improve your connectivity for your business.