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Subject Matter Expertise

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: Cloud Computing has penetrated business world as an astonishing speed and many business leaders are pondering over the pros and cons of cloud computing for their businesses. We can help you in solving this dilemma and help you find answers to all the questions related to cloud computing.


Cloud Computing can help a business in solving multiple issues related to IT. With the help of Cloud based computing many renown companies have reduced their costs, increased productivity, efficiency and cash flows.


As one of the UK’s leading cloud computing consultants we can help you in finding out the answers to your questions when it comes to cloud computing and if required guide you through the onsite to cloud transition.

Modern Workplace

The blurring line between home and work life and high penetration of digital devices has created a completely new field of End User Computing. Today’s worker owns multiple devices which may be of different sizes, shapes and may have completely separate functions.


Modern worker demands a similar experience across all his devices which he uses for performing his duties and in this fast changing landscape companies face the unique challenge of providing a seamless experience to their workers and users alike across multiple devices.


We can help you in assessing your businesses’ needs and then choosing the right platform for End User computing.


Unified Comms and Voice

Any modern business uses a multitude of technologies for its communications such as Email, VoIP, Calendars, Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging, SMS etc. Due to this plethora of communication technologies being available and used in our time. It becomes imperative that an organization must somehow develop a unified communications solution.


Efficient communication between different workers and departments of any organization also result in efficient business.


Many vendors are offering unified communication platforms today, but choosing the right one is often a problem for a business. Just get in touch with our Unified Communications & Voice consultants and they will be able to find the perfect solution to your business needs.


With the ever increasing importance of smartphones in our work life, most businesses are in the process of formulating a mobility policy to help their workers utilize the mobility working opportunities thrown up by the rise of mobile devices.


Enterprise level systems are by default designed for regular desktop and notebook devices and integrating an enterprise level IT system with mobile devices may involve its own challenges.


We have helped numerous companies with incorporating mobile devices into their enterprise IT systems and have a proven track record of success when it comes to mobility.


As a mobility consultant we can help you in finding the right mobility strategy for your business.


Identity Management

Growth of deployed IT infrastructure and an increase in number of users presents its own unique challenges to enterprises. Now an organization has to deal with multiple users, manage their behaviours, keep a tab on the access levels and permissions granted to workers as all these issues can have a significant impact on the business and security of your company.


Without a unified and advanced system for managing user identity profiles your company may unintentionally be exposed to business and security threats from within.


We have helped numerous businesses with Identity Management and can help you with installing an advanced Enterprise Identity Management system.


Security has acquired a paramount importance for most IT based businesses and this is even the case for non-IT businesses dependent on IT services. Few businesses have the internal technical resources required for dealing with Security threats. In today’s ever more connected world, your business may be vulnerable to various security threats such as cyber-attacks, malware and security loopholes which can be exploited by hackers.


We can help you in strengthening your business against most forms of cyber-security threats and by taking some precautionary measures suggested by us you can be assured of the security of your IT infrastructure.



Managing Networks is often the biggest issue for modern businesses as the ever expanding computing and IT requirements of businesses can be a big drag on the cash flow. This is especially true for businesses with little internal skills when it comes to networking.


Enterprise networking when done correctly can increase the productivity, efficiency and balance sheet of a business.


With years of experience in networking and a skilled staff of accredited engineers we can guide you about the right Networking equipment for your business needs after analyzing your needs.

Data Centre

A Data Centre installation is in itself a complex process which may involve a multitude of IT services. In addition to installation businesses need complete management of their data centre to ensure maximum availability of services.


As a leading data centre consultant we are able to provide a number of services including assessing your data centre requirements, assist you during the design phase, manage the whole transition and help you in maintaining your data centres.



Network storage and backup requirements of any business are unique and there is no one size fits all when it comes to storage. Deploying and maintaining sufficient amount of network storage is essential for any modern IT based business.


We have years of experience in providing Network Storage and Backup solutions to businesses of all sizes. We can help you with assessment and planning, architecture design and deployment of network storage and backup solutions.

Speak to one of our specialist today to see how we can improve your connectivity for your business.