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Software Asset Management

Taking Back Control

Moving too fast?

As your organisation grows it becomes difficult to keep track of all your assets and software. This often leads to overspending and being potentially non compliant with software vendors who can audit at anytime.


The cost of not managing your hardware assets can open up security risks and introduce data leakage of your customer information through unaccounted devices going missing or through the use of unauthorised software.


As cloud based solutions become more prevalent, companies considering transitioning some or all of their IT infrastructure to the cloud must have a robust software and asset management process in place to evaluate which components would make sense to transition.


As a business you can only really make the best financial decisions on IT spend  if you have the right information in front of.

72 % of European organisations find it difficult or extremely difficult to identify unused software and redistribute it (CA technologies 2013)

What is SAM?

Software asset management is a set of industry standard best practices that incorporate proven strategies for managing and optimizing an organisations IT assets.


SAM brings together people, processes and technology to control and optimize the use of software in your organisation. It provides visibility of your technology and insight into your business.

SAM is all about enhancing your organisations' ability to manage its software and assets and decrease IT costs and compliance risks


We can help control costs and risks

Best practice alone will not simplify gaining control of your software and hardware assets. Having the right tools too, will ensure that you you have strong IT management in place which in turn results in driving down costs and increased efficiency as a business


Through our solutions and qualified consultants we can help you take back control of your assets and allow you to view your organisation differently.

Let us show you

We have over 10 years expertise in on premises or hybrid cloud Microsoft solutions such as Intune and System Center Configuration Manager 2012 and 2016.


Speak to one of our specialists today to start taking control back and let us show you how to better align IT with your business goals.



Proactively mange software assets which can result in 50% reduction in IT labour costs from simplified deployment, purchasing and support


Eliminate over purchasing of software and be able to accurately report on actual usage of software in your organisation.


Be able to report effectively on software licensing and hardware assets in your control and identify entities currently not in your control


Implement policies that drive more automation, improving productivity throughout your organsation

Speak to one of our specialists today to start taking control back and let us show you how to better align IT with your business goals.