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Managed Services

Fully Managed IT Services

Delivering Value

With our Managed Service offerings, we deliver value from the start. At CloudIngen we provide a cost effective solution which enables businesses to get real value for money. A business is then able to invest the cost savings we are able to provide on other areas of the business.


Our Managed Service is constantly evaluated to ensure the highest level of service is provided consistently. We have a very strict process in place to ensure quality, we also work with our clients and proactively address feedback received.


Our vision with our Managed Service offering is to ensure IT Services are delivered based on business requirements. We look at every IT aspect of a business and provide Strategy and Guidance as standard.

Benefits of Managed Service

There are numerous benefits when using our Managed Service offerings, we ensure the day-today management of IT Services within your business is fully managed ensuring you peace of mind and a Service you can depend on.

With our Managed Service, we provide you with:

  • Proactive Solutions – we ensure your IT Service is performing optimally and encounters no disruption.
  • Predictable Expenditure – one of the biggest challenges a businesses face is having control on costs, with our fixed monthly fee you can always have control on your IT spend.
  • Access to Industry Experts – when using our Managed Service, we provide you with access to our team, we have experts in various fields and it gives you the equivalent of having your own in-house IT staff.
  • Vendor Management – we manage your hardware and software vendors ensuring any technical discussions are managed and handled by us.

End User Support

Providing Support to end users is key, if your staff are unable to complete tasks due to a technical issue you need to have Support in place. With our Managed Service your staff will have access to the Service Desk, they will be able to log Support requests via phone or email and get instant Support.

Our Service Desk team consists of experienced Support engineers that are able to provide the help end users might need on a day-to-day basis. Crucial for your staff as if they are unable to work they become unproductive.

Ensuring Business Success

With the IT Service being the heart of a business in this digital age, it is crucial to business success. Without emails you can’t communicate, and without connectivity you can’t access your data.


Using our Managed Service will ensure IT is delivered to your business, driving success and ensuring high productivity among your workforce. Decrease downtime and shorten mean-time-to-repair with service management based on industry best practices

Speak to one of our specialist today to see how we can improve your connectivity for your business.